Activities Overview

Student leadership at Bellarmine Preparatory School has changed to provide more opportunities for our students to lead, as well as to better serve our overall student body. Beginning with the 2017-2018 school year, Bellarmine's student leadership is divided into two tracks:  Student Congress and Student Activities.

The Student Congress is the government wing of the student leadership group.  The Student Congress meets on a regular basis throughout the year to consider topics, which are central to student life and which evolve from year-to-year. This group works with adult leadership groups such as the Bellarmine Faculty Senate and administration, among others, to provide student input for issues affecting student life.

The Student Activities leadership team works to implement student life activities, with the overall goal of providing Bellarmine students with activities which enhance the student experience. This group plans and executes events such as Homecoming, school assemblies, coffee houses, intramural events and others as a means of developing and maintaining the strong sense of community that makes Bellarmine a special place.

Bellarmine's goal is to continue to provide new, and better, opportunities for our students to lead in ways that enhance their own lives, and more importantly, the lives of those in the community.  The Student Congress and the Student Activities Council are a part of our larger vision for developing student leaders who harness their potential to positively affect the world around them.