Activities Overview

Our activity programs expose students to recreational and practical experiences that allow them to develop their gifts and talents, apply their knowledge to real life situations and gain an awareness of the realities of the broader society. Students are strongly encouraged to get involved in at least one of the many activities available to them at Bellarmine. We offer over a dozen curricular and co-curricular activity programs and more than thirty clubs from which to choose.

The following is a description of the activity programs we offer and the names of the program directors. Under clubs we also have listed the club names and their directors/moderators. Feel free to contact program directors or club moderators for more information.


Preserving high school memories and showcasing the Bellarmine experience is the primary purpose of The Cage, Bellarmine's yearly student publication. In producing the annual, students become acquainted with all phases of computerized desktop publishing, including: page layout and design, photography, copywriting, interview techniques, ad sales, budget management and printmaking for offset presses. In addition to producing the Annual, the staff is responsible for presenting the Senior Slideshow at the Senior Breakfast each spring. The annual staff typically consists of two supervising co-editors, photo editor, layout editor, business manager and staff positions. An application/ interview process determines membership on the staff of this co-curricular activity. Jennifer O'Loughlin is the Annual Advisor.


The ASB (Associated Student Body) is the name we give to our student government. It is comprised of a five-member elected Executive Council that represents the entire student body. They are responsible for Freshman Orientation, Club Fair, Homecoming Week, the fall, winter and spring sports assemblies, coffee house, Can the Man (school-wide service project), the election process and they are representatives of the student body to administration. There are also five elected class officers for each of the four classes that assist the Executive Council and each, respectively, is responsible for the Senior Ball, Junior Prom, Sophomore Tolo, and Freshman Night Out.


The Bellarmine Instrumental Music Department's co-curricular program consists of two concert bands and a jazz band. The bands are Wind Ensemble and Concert Band. Both bands compete in contests and festivals and have won awards for their outstanding performances. The two concert ensembles combine to form the Lion Marching Band and the pep bands. Casey Whitson is the Band Director.


The Bellarmine cheerleaders have established a tradition of excellence and outstanding service that comes from dedication, hard work, discipline, a sense of priority, and sacrifice on the part of each member of the squad. The cheerleaders participate and perform at athletic, school and Booster events, competitions, practices, fundraising and community events. Tanica Wittig is the Cheerleading Coach.


The Bellarmine Choral Arts Department's co-curricular program has three choirs: Vocal Ensemble, Con Gratia and Concert Choir. Con Gratia (with grace) is a treble women's choir. All choirs have won awards at contests and festivals including "Best in the Northwest." Frank Lewis is the Choral Director.


Some clubs have been in existence for over 25 years. Students interested in a particular diversion just need to find a faculty moderator interested in helping them meet regularly to develop their club. They submit a charter application to the ASB for approval in the fall (which includes a service project) and they're off and running.

The student-generated clubs are perhaps one of the more vital elements of our activities program. The clubs act as barometers for our student body. Student interests, concerns, and desires can take shape in a newly founded club. It is a place where the mission of our school is translated into student actions that come out of a reflection of their experiences both in our community, at home, and in the greater community we serve.

Student Club List