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Parents of African American Students Association - PAASA

PAASA-Parents of African American Student Association is a network of parents supporting the intellectual/academic, social/emotional, spiritual and cultural development of underrepresented students at Bellarmine Preparatory School.

2021-2022 School Year PAASA Executive Committee:
Co-President: Gabrielle Cleveland ( E’Maya Cleveland – Freshman)
Co-President: Niko Stewart  (Khari and Priya Stewart - Freshmen)
Secretary/ Co-chair: Carol Cochran ( Natalie Jones Freshman)

Contact Information:
Gabrielle Cleveland
Carol Cochran


Guided by our commitment to promote the dignity of all students, Bellarmine expanded its offerings of affinity groups on campus. Affinity groups are student-run spaces that allow them to discuss their experiences among peers who share a common identity. Through these organizations that celebrate diversity, students develop self-awareness, build communities of support, and work to promote inclusion.

Asian Pacific Islanders
Club Moderator: Mr. Peterson

Black Student Union
Moderator: Ms. Henderson and Ms. Wilson

Breaking the Stigma
Moderator: Ms. Keene

Chines Club
Moderator: Ms. Chen

Diversity Club
Moderator: Ms. Rosario and Ms. Henderson

Feminists of Bellarmine (FAB)
Moderator: Ms. Irving

Indian Unity Club 
Moderator: Ms. Scanlin

Japanese Club 
Moderator: Ms. Torgerson

Lion Pride 
Moderator: Ms. Lindstrom and Mr. Barnes