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Code of Conduct

All events involving our activities program are considered school-related functions. Consequently, all students, while participating in an activity program event, are subject to the Student Code of Conduct and all the Directives of the Dean of Students in the Student Handbook. Students who participate in specific programs involving contracts are subject to the code of conduct and consequences specified therein.

The nature and purpose of some activity programs demand a higher level of behavioral expectations for students than what is expected of a typical Bellarmine student. The criteria used to make this determination are as follows:

  1. Any program that holds elections for students in leadership positions voted in by 50 or more student
  2. Any program that appoints students to positions where they are held up as role models for other students
  3. Any program whose students represent Bellarmine to the community at large

Extra-curricular programs that meet any of these criteria are required to use contracts that must be approved by the Dean of Students. Curricular programs, which include an activity that meets any of these criteria, are required to use a contract for participating in that activity and must be approved by the Academic Vice Principal.

These contracts include a description of the activity, performance and behavioral expectations, the term of the contract and require parent and student signatures. Students who violate the drug/alcohol provision of any contract will be immediately referred to the Student Assistance Program (SAP). Failure to abide by the recommendations of the SAP will delay reinstatement to the activity. The consequences for violating a contract will be clearly defined for first, second and third offenses.