Marie Krueger

Counselor, Department Chair
Scholarships and Special Programs Coordinator
253-752-7701, ext. 828

M. Krueger’s Ignaitian Formation Periods:
Seniors: Matthew, Minjares, White 
Juniors: Brown, Fernandez, Parent 
Sophomores: O'Connor, Whitson 
Freshman: Bernards, Bryan, Henderson 

Cameron Irving
Counselor and Testing Coordinator

C. Irving's Ignaitian Formation Periods:
Seniors: Galbraith, Pettit, Phillips 
Juniors: Gross Shader, Heiser
Sophomores: Ellis, Singer
Freshman: Cruz, Hunthausen, Rehberger

Gary Mayne

G. Mayne's Ignaitian Formation Periods:
Seniors: Payne, Sauvage, Schmitt
Juniors: DeGroot, D., Meeker, Meines, C.
Sophomores: Hanigan, Jensen 
Freshman: Etter, Larsen, Salazar 

Tawanna Wilson
Counselor and Graduation Coordinator

T. Wilson's Ignaitian Formation Periods:
Seniors: Andresen, Chase, Rousseau
Juniors: Casey, Modarelli 
Sophomores: Barnhart, Emery, Peterson 
Freshman: Maxey, McCarthy, Nuno 

Jeannie Hamilton
Administrative Assistant
253-752-7701, ext. 831

Freshman Year Through Graduation

Students will be assigned to their counselor based on their homeroom. This counselor will work with them all four years advising them regarding their schedules, monitoring academic progress, helping with college applications, and providing assistance with personal concerns.

The Counseling Office uses Family Connection, an interactive college planning resource, to help students prepare for college and careers. Click on Naviance for more information.