Jessica Achziger

Administrative Assistant
Dean of Students
Ext: 727

Emily Andresen

Science Faculty
Ext: 436

Bill Baerg

Vice Principal of Academics
English Faculty
Ext: 737

Hope Bales

Parochial Band Director

Paige Banks

Donor Data Coordinator
Ext: 523

Joshua Barnes

Director of Student Ministry
English Faculty
Ext: 724

Rick Barnhart

Science Faculty
Baseball Head Coach
Ext: 748

Becky Bernards

Religion Faculty
Ext: 734

Tanica Blackwell-Wittig

Cheer Head Coach
Ext: NA

Ken Brown

Social Studies Chair
Model United Nations Director
Ext: 806

Kirsten Byers

Mathematics Faculty
Ext: 798

Julie Campbell

English Faculty
Ext: 540

Mary Campbell

Health & PE Faculty
Ext: 519

Shannon Casey

English Faculty
Ext: 780

Fr Gerry Chapdelaine SJ

School Chaplain
Ext: 848

John Chase

Science Faculty
Robotics Director
Ext: 508

Byron Chow

Senior Network Admin
Ext: 545

Dan Cohen

Art Faculty
Ext: 789

Craig Coovert

Communications Director
Ext: 857

Cindy Davis

Ext: 720

Dave DeGroot

Science Faculty
Marine Chemistry Director
Ext: 510

Jody DeGroot

Vice Principal of Professional Development
Science Faculty
Ext: 512

Amy DeGuia

Development Coordinator
Ext: 520

James Dempsey

Social Studies Faculty
Ext: 532

Wendy Diaz

World Languages Faculty
Ext: 818

Dcn. Bill Eckert

Religion Faculty
Ext: 746

Matt Ellis

Social Studies Faculty
Cross Country/Track Head Coach
Ext: 813

Anita Emery

Science Faculty
Ext: 509

Patrea Fernandez

World Languages Faculty
Ext: 815

Dcn. Jim Fish

Adult Formation Director
Ext: 842

Madison Freeberg

Director of Outreach
Ext: 878

Fr John Fuchs SJ

Ignatian Formation Team
Ext: 537

Aida Galbraith

World Languages Faculty
Ext: 879

Tigre Garcia

Health & PE Faculty
Head Athletic Trainer
Ext: 790

Kelly Goodsell

Director of Learning Resource Center
Ext: 863

Mary Graves

Student Accounts Manager
Ext: 529

Dave Grisaffi

Athletic Maintenance
Head Wrestling Coach
Ext: 801

Tom Gross-Shader

Art Chair
Ext: 844

Jeannie Hamilton

Counseling Office Administrative Assistant
Ext: 831

Jeanne Hanigan

English Faculty
Ext: 858

Dean Hanks

VP for Development
Ext: 875

Cari Harrison

Director of Enrollment Management
Ext: 771

Kathy Heiser

World Languages Chair
Ext: 725

Barbara Henderson

Diversity Director
Ext: 531

Julie Hiles

Health & PE Chair
Ext: 745

Cameron Irving

Testing Coordinator
Ext: 548

Brian Jensen

Health & PE Faculty
Football Head Coach
Ext: 486

Rory Johnson

Ext: 819

Kevin Kalal

Facilities Director
Ext: 547

Rick Keller-Scholz

Religion Chair
Director of Lectors
Ext: 890

Marie Krueger

Graduation Coordinator
Ext: 828

Teresa Labonte

Chief Financial Officer
Ext: 843

Fr. Thomas Lamanna SJ

Jesuit Community Superior
Social Studies Faculty
Ext: 759

Tom Larsen

Mathematics Faculty
Ext: 792

Frank Lewis

Music Chair
Ext: 752

Brandy Lindstrom

English & Religion Faculty
Ext: 812

Dianna Martin

President's Assistant
Ext: 723

Megan Matthew

Social Studies Faculty
Ext: 804

Kathy Maxey

Ext: 749

Fr Fred Mayovsky SJ

Donor Relations Associate
Ext: 868

Linda McGowan

Attendance Officer
Ext: 757

Ben Meeker

Art Faculty
Ext: 738

Caroline Meines

Social Studies Faculty
Volleyball Head Coach
Ext: 487

Kevin Meines

Dean of Students
Activities Director
Ext: 814

Melinda Michaelson

Ext: 888

Erik Michels

Counseling Chair
Ext: 799

Lynn Miller

Special Events Director
Ext: 542

Melissa Minjares

English Faculty
Ext: 805

Mark Modarelli

English Faculty
Junior Encounter Coord.
Ext: 776

Robert Modarelli

Ext: 851

Ron Nilsen

Science Faculty
Ext: 841

Daniel O'Connor

English Chair
Ext: 758

Jennifer O'Loughlin

English Faculty
Learning Specialist
Girls Encounter Dir.
Ext: 783

Martha Parent

Science Faculty
Ext: 817

Robert Payne

Social Studies Faculty
Ext: 762

Michael Peterson

Assistant Athletic Trainer

Frank Petoski

Maintenance Supervisor
Ext: 840

Heidi Pettit

Mathematics Faculty
Ext: 770

Jennifer Phillips

Science Chair
Pilgrimage Dir.
Ext: 511

Donna Pitt

Mathematics Faculty
Ext: 882

Ed Ploof

Athletics Director
English Faculty
Ext: 847

Anthony Rehberger

Mathematics Chair
Ext: 465

Raymond Respicio

Junior Network Admin
Ext: 546

Aaron Rogers

IT Director
Ext: 253-761-3544

Chelsey Rosario

Technology Support Specialist
Ext: 543

Charlie Rousseau

Mathematics Faculty
Ext: 795

Bernie Salazar

World Languages Faculty
Boys Basketball Head Coach
Ext: 809

Debra Sauvage

Religion Faculty
Ext: 782

Allison Scanlin

Religion Faculty
Director of Xavier Plunge
Ext: 735

Lindley Schmitt

Mathematics Faculty
Ext: 869

Kim Schulz

Director of Marketing and Recruitment
Ext: 518

John Seeberger

Athletic Equipment & Gym Manager
Ext: 743

Jacob Singer

English Faculty
Ext: 816

Barbie Solbakken

Mathematics Faculty
Ext: 885

Anita Staeheli

Front Office Receptionist
Ext: 722

Joy Taylor

Robotics Moderator
Ext: 570

Kristin Torgerson

World Languages Faculty
Ext: 781

Judy Torgerson

Principal's Assistant
Ext: 720

Lila Transue

Science & Computer Science Faculty
Ext: 502

Hiroe Une

World Languages Faculty
Ext: 488

Maria Valenzuela

Drama Director
Ext: NA

Cate Ward

Facilities Assistant

Katey Ward

Annual Giving Manager
Ext: 522

Joe Waters

Student Center Manager
Soccer Program Head Coach
Ext: 787

Kimberly West

Head Coach, Girls Basketball
Ext: 572

Virginia White

World Languages Faculty
Ext: 883

Casey Whitson

Music Faculty
Ext: 800

Jay Wiley

Science Faculty
Director of Pilgrimage Crew
Ext: 507

Tawanna Wilson

Ext: 849

Sally Wood

CFO's Assistant
Ext: 886

Jake Zimmerman

Assistant Comptroller
Ext: 877