Learning Resource Center

Construction and remodel in the Orell Library is complete and Bellarmine is excited to begin implementation of a more comprehensive program to support students in their academic programs.  We began with partial implementation of academic support programs for students with documented learning differences in the spring of the 2016-17 school year and will provide full implementation of services in the 2017-18 school year.

The LRC enables Bellarmine to provide a centralized and consistent resource to help students understand their individual and unique strengths and challenges, and develop skills and strategies for academic success in our college preparatory program. The LRC, as part of academic resources located in the Orell Library, brings current support services together in one location to provide a more consistent place and practice for students with individual accommodation plans and/or learning differences.

As a college preparatory school committed to creating and supporting an inclusive academic learning environment, the Learning Resource Center seeks to ensure that all students have full and equal access to this educational environment. In keeping with our commitment to Cura Personalis (care for the whole person) Bellarmine offers programs and support for students with diagnosed learning differences. The Learning Resource Center Director will lead the transition of this program. The Director will work with students to develop skills and competencies that will prepare them for high school, college and career. 

Extended time testing in a distraction free setting is a strategic accommodation provided in the Learning Resource Center. This strategy provides students the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding and comprehension of material when there are factors in the learning profile that impact testing results.  The LRC has a testing center with six individual testing spaces and class assessments may be scheduled utilizing that space. Faculty will co-ordinate testing with the student and the LRC testing coordinator. Utilizing this testing space will begin this spring under the leadership of our Interim Director.

Academic support for all students is available in the Orell Library and LRC. Additional tutorial opportunities, study and test-taking strategies, and writing and research support will be part of the full program.

Learning Resource Center Staff:
Dr. Kelly Goodsell - Director of the Learning Resource Center
Jennifer O'Loughlin - Assistant Director of the Learning Resource Center


For more information about the planned academic support programs in the Learning Resource Center, contact Academic Vice Principal Bill Baerg or Learning Resource Center Director Dr. Kelly Goodsell.