Learning Resource Center to Open This Spring

We are excited to share with you that Orell Library’s construction and remodel began over Christmas break to accommodate a new Learning Resource Center within the library. Last spring, the Bellarmine PRIDE Auction raised approximately $190,000 to build the center. We anticipate that it will be open in March or April with partial implementation of academic support programs and an expected full implementation of services next fall. 

Helping Students Reach Their Full Academic Potential

“Bellarmine is excited to provide an additional resource that supports students who learn differently. We believe the Learning Resource Center will provide the necessary support so students can reach their full academic potential,” says Principal Cindy Davis.

Supporting Student Success

Bellarmine recognizes the importance of strengthening our support for students who need academic assistance beyond what the classroom teacher provides. “We know students learn differently and are more successful when they apply different strategies to their learning,” says Academic Vice Principal Barbara Lidikay. “The goal is to provide a centralized and consistent resource to help students be successful in our college preparatory program.”

Academic Support Services in One Location

Bellarmine currently provides academic support services and resources for students, but will bring current support services together in one central location to provide a “more consistent place and practice” for students with individual accommodation plans and/or learning differences who need additional academic support.

Students with extended time testing accommodations, for example, will be able to take tests in an extended time testing area in a distraction-free environment within the Learning Resource Center.

This spring, the resource center will open with a designated area for extended time testing, study tutorial classes for freshmen, and after-school tutorial assistance. When fully operational next fall, the Learning Resource Center program will serve Bellarmine students by providing:

  • Individual accommodation plans
  • Accommodations specific to learning differences (such as extended time testing)
  • Academic assessments
  • Directed study programs
  • General tutorial assistance


For more information about the planned academic support programs in the Learning Resource Center, contact Academic Vice Principal Barbara Lidikay or Learning Specialist Jennifer O’Loughlin.