Student Journalism

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The Bellarmine Lion is the award-winning student newspaper, earning Gold Medalist status five years in a row from Columbia Scholastic Press Association. Published six times a year, this form of print media provides a forum for student expression and writing. The staff reports on recent campus events, noteworthy activities of students, faculty/staff, and gives an overview of academic endeavors and athletic competitions.

In addition to a print journalism focus, in 2012, made its debut. 

Sixteen juniors and seniors compose the staff, and these journalists are responsible for the writing, editing, digital photography, and computer layout of each publication. Staff members apply for or are appointed to such positions as executive editors, writers, photographers, etc.

In addition to serving as both an academic and extracurricular activity, The Bellarmine Lion also strives to become a family through various bonding experiences: dinners, service projects, retreats, conferences, and fundraising. Jeanne Hanigan is the Newspaper Adviser.

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