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Music Department

Music Department Philosophy 
The department will provide students with an opportunity to develop their musical talent and skills on instruments or with the voice. The program is designed for education and performance. It is the explicit aim of the school to have the high performance quality orchestra, band and choir. In this way, Bellarmine will provide students with an opportunity to integrate their musical talents with a wide range of academic, social, and athletic interests of our American culture. 

Coursework is designed to reinforce solid foundational skill and develop proficiencies measured by grade-level standards established by professional music associations and the federal and state departments of education. Students leaving Bellarmine with four years of progressive music experiences are expected to be prepare to enter college ensembles. 

Music can be taken in a four-year sequence. Care should be taken by the student and advisor to ensure that the student can take four years of music and still meet the Bellarmine graduation requirements. Any specific questions can be directed to the Music Department Chair. 

Music Department 

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