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Senior Pilgrimage

Senior Pilgrimage Dates: September 19-20, 2020

2020-21 Senior Pilgrimage was offered as a virtual asynchronous retreat on September 19th and 20th. Student leaders prepared talks that were shared digitally with complimentary activities. All students were encourage to walk through their neighborhoods and parks while listening to the talks as though it were a podcast, finding a moment to sit under a tree and reflect on student generated questions, journal in a notebook and/or share videos as a way to connect with other classmates. We hope to have a Pilgrimage “reunion” later where we can share in a Mass, dinner, and campfire on campus. 

Retreat Overview (Regular Schedule/ Non-COVID-19)
This retreat is for members of the senior class. The Pilgrimage is a retreat drawn from Luke’s gospel. The major purpose of the retreat is for the seniors to take time to reflect upon the beginnings of their senior and final year at Bellarmine. The retreat aids in building class unity and in supporting one another through senior year. The Pilgrimage is a two-day, one overnight retreat that takes place at Camp Hamilton near Duvall. The hike itself on the first day is about 7 miles. Mass is celebrated around the campfire in the evening and the seniors then camp together in tents provided by Campus Ministry. We depart the next day in the early afternoon and return to Bellarmine later on Sunday. The mission of Bellarmine is to produce graduates who will be leaders in action, modeled on Christ, who will be fearless in working for the Christian transformation of the world. The Senior Pilgrimage provides a small time frame for reflection on our attitudes regarding this gospel call. 

Retreat Details (Regular Schedule/ Non-COVID-19)
Please arrive at Bellarmine in the morning on Saturday in time to get your gear loaded and for check-in. The buses will not wait for late-arrivals! We will load and depart from the Bellarmine Student Lot. Do not park your vehicle in front of Orton Hall or the lower east parking lot in front of Allen Hall. Carpooling is strongly encouraged. Students and faculty will meet at 8:00 a.m. for breakfast on Saturday, in the Connelly Campus Center and then depart from Bellarmine via school transportation. Saturday will be spent walking near Camp Hamilton for about 7 miles. We will camp at Camp Hamilton where a site has been prepared by a group of juniors and faculty. Sunday’s hike will be about 1 mile. The approximate time for our return to Bellarmine will be at 12:00 p.m. on Sunday. Backup vehicles will be present at all times in case of injury/sickness requiring evacuation. Also, first aid supplies will be on hand for minor problems such as blisters, cuts, sprains, etc. It must be stressed that the Senior Pilgrimage is an active event and any student who participates must be in good health. Participants are urged to report any unusual health conditions that could have bearing on the trip on the form below. For example, known allergic reactions to bee stings should be reported and proper medication provided.

Application Deadline: Closed for 20-21 School Year
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Questions? Contact:

Jenny Phillips - Co-Director Senior Pilgrimage
Jacob Singer - Co-Director Senior Pilgrimage