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Q: Why does Bellarmine Preparatory School ask for contributions?
A: Bellarmine Preparatory School is a non-profit Jesuit high school that does not receive any financial support from local, state, or federal sources, including the Archdiocese of Seattle or any of its parishes. The annual operating budget is comprised of incoming funds such as tuition, charitable donations and other fundraising efforts. The cost of tuition does not fully cover the cost of each student’s education, so charitable donations bridge the gap between the actual price of education and the amount that is paid.

Q: What areas does Bellarmine Preparatory School target for fund raising?
A: Bellarmine Preparatory School raises funds in three major areas:  Annual, Endowment, and Capital.

Q: What is the Annual Fund and how can I make a contribution?
A: The Annual Fund is Bellarmine Preparatory School’s annual giving program that raises unrestricted dollars for the school. The fund makes up approximately 8% of the school’s budget and is the second largest source of income for the school after tuition. To make a donation, you can call the Development Office at (253)761-3520, mail contributions with attention to the Development Office to 2300 S. Washington, Tacoma WA 98405-1304, or donate online.

Q: How can I maximize my charitable donations to the fullest?
A: Many corporations participate in a gift matching program, often times doubling the donor’s initial contribution. Please contact your employer’s Human Resources Department for information on matching gifts.

Q: What is the Endowment Fund?
A: The Endowment Fund is a permanent fund that compounds with interest and dividends. The principal is never touched and a small percentage of earnings are used to support the annual operating budget. The endowment represents not only an investment in the future, but a belief that our students will change the future for the better. A strong endowment will ensure that we carry out, in perpetuity, our mission.  Our challenge is to increase our endowment in order to control tuition increases, provide financial aid to need based students, and keep Bellarmine affordable for all qualified students now and in the future.

Q: What are Bellarmine Preparatory School’s most successful fundraisers?
A: Each year, funds are raised through an assortment of events and campaigns including, but not limited to: Parent Partnership, PRIDE Gala, Student Fundraiser Campaign, Bellarmine Leaders Breakfast, and Phonathons.

Q: What is the Parent Partnership Program?
A: Bellarmine Parent Partnership is your commitment to join with others in the community to ensure the best possible experience for your child during their time at Bellarmine. This year, contributed funds comprise nearly 9% of our operating budget directed primarily to sustaining Student Financial Aid, which now benefits 340 students or 40% of Bellarmine families.

Q: What are Bellarmine Business Partners?
A: Bellarmine Preparatory School launched “Bellarmine Business Partners” in the 2012-2013 school year. This program gives the opportunity for businesses owned by Bellarmine affiliates to receive recognition and marketing in exchange for corporate sponsorship. For more information on Bellarmine Business Partners, please contact the Development Office at 253-761-3520.

Q: What is the Student Fundraiser?
A: Once a year, Bellarmine Preparatory School students participate in a fundraising project, during which they are asked to sell $10 raffles tickets to help raise funds for the financial aid program at Bellarmine. This effort allows students to participate in the responsibility we share to support Bellarmine Preparatory School and funds our financial aid program which gives out $2.2 million in aid to students who otherwise might not be able to afford a Bellarmine education.

Q: How can I give?
A: Bellarmine Preparatory School gratefully appreciates gifts of all amounts. Your gift – of any amount – helps us support our mission.  Donations can be made in cash, check, credit card, stock, property, bequests or other estate planning methods. Gifts can be made with a credit card online via our secure server by clicking here. Donors may pledge at any time and determine how they wish to pay the pledge over a time period.  Bellarmine Preparatory School reports donations in our annual report according to our fiscal year, July 1-June 30. If you have any further questions regarding giving to Bellarmine, please contact the Development Office at 253-761-3520.