BELLARMUN 2024 a Huge Success!

This past weekend, Bellarmine's Model UN program welcomed over 60 middle schoolers from 25 area middle schools (including some King county schools for the first time... word is getting around!) to Bellarmine's campus for BELLARMUN 2024, the 7th annual Model UN conference for middle schoolers. 
The teachers and students involved would like to thank Bellarmine's amazing facilities department, security team, all the math teachers in the lower level of Snyder whose rooms were invaded for committee sessions, the IT Department, the support from Administration, and the event staff for helping make this year's conference a massive success. Particular shout-outs go to senior Dylan Bianchi (Secretary General), and junior J Silverthorn (this year's Chief of Staff and next year's Secretary General).

Look for BELLARMUN 2025 next April!