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Bellarmine Prep provides a comprehensive four year retreat program for our students to experience God’s love in the context of community. Guided by our shared Jesuit values, these retreats are moments of encounter and reflection that invite participants into further action. All of the retreats share the goal of helping students grow in faith, hope, and love. 

Bellarmine students are invited to participate in Campus Ministry sponsored retreats. Leadership applications and retreat registration is through the myBellarmine portal.

If you have questions, please contact Jody DeGroot, VP of Formation and Professional Development or Aires Patulot, Director of Campus Ministry.

Our Retreat Offerings

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  • Freshman Retreat

    The Freshman class has two wonderful opportunities to connect, build community, and be invited into the life of a Bellarmine Lion. Guided by the Link Crew, incoming freshman can take part in Breakaway, a half day retreat. Students can expect to make new friends and learn about their new school as they play and pray together.

    In January, the entire Freshman class will participate in the Ignite Freshman Retreat. Based on the life and teachings of St. Ignatius, founder of the Jesuits, Freshmen will spend the day on campus listening to talks, participating in small groups, and having fun together. The retreat will set the stage for our students to Ignite their faith in God and their love for this community. This day-long retreat will culminate in a family mass celebrating our entire community.
  • Sophomore Retreats

    The Sophomore class will have two exciting optional retreat opportunities. The Sophomore retreat, planned and led by members of the Senior Campus Ministry Leadership class, will continue on the themes of the Ignite retreat, as they deepen their understanding of being persons for others. This retreat will be held in the spring, off campus at Black Diamond Camp.

    Sophomores will also have the opportunity to participate in the Sophomore Service Plunge. This opportunity will give students the chance to put their faith into action as they serve the local community while growing in faith and friendship with fellow retreatants. Led by juniors and seniors and guided by the Service Office, this experience is not to be missed!
  • Junior Retreat

    Juniors are invited to THE Bellarmine experience, Encounter. Encounter is a three day, two night, voluntary retreat. Offered five times a year, the Encounter focuses on strengthening the students' relationship with themselves, their community, and their faith. Men’s, women’s, and Co-Ed experiences are offered. 
  • Senior Retreats

    Senior Pilgrimage

    The year kicks off with Pilgrimage, a day long hike and retreat, led by members of the senior class. Held at Camp Hamilton, seniors hike around six miles, while taking time to reflect on important themes for their last year of high school. Offered once in September, the Pilgrimage helps contextualize their high school journey and sets the stage for a great senior year.

    Montserrat and Manresa 

    Small groups of seniors are invited to participate in a weekend silent retreat based on the teachings of St. Ignatius of Loyola. Directed by a Jesuit priest and campus minister, the silent retreats offer moments of peace and reflection as students seek to deepen their spiritual life.


    The Magis is the capstone senior retreat. Based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius, the Magis, offered in the Spring, is a Friday night to Monday morning experience not to be missed. The last big class event of the senior year, the students are invited to reflect on their high school journey and deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ. 
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Campus Ministry Leaders

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    Jody DeGroot 

    Ext. 512
  • Photo of Aires Patulot

    Aires Patulot 

    Ext. 350
  • Photo of Debra Sauvage

    Debra Sauvage 

    Ext. 782
  • Photo of Joshua Barnes

    Josh Barnes 

    Ext. 724