Mission Fulfillment: The Ignatian Global Scholars Program (IGS) creates an opportunity for students to engage in existent, ongoing experiences, that form global citizens for and with others. It offers a path to acknowledge, celebrate, and deepen the holistic and global dimensions of Bellarmine’s programs, ministries, and curricula. 

Scholars will embody the Ignatian Global Citizenship definition:

Global Citizens are those who continuously seek to deepen their awareness of their place and responsibility in an increasingly interconnected world, both locally and globally; those who stand in solidarity with other in the pursuit of a sustainable earth and a more humane world as true companions in the mission of reconciliation and justice. (Society of Jesus Secretariat of Education Global Taskforce, 2019)

The Ignatian Global Scholars Certificate is the first program of its kind to offer students recognition from the Jesuit Schools Network. Students will apply for the program during their sophomore year. However, Juniors may apply in the 2023 pilot year only. To earn an Ignatian Global Scholar Certificate from the Jesuit Schools Network, students will successfully complete 7 of the 9 components listed below, selecting at least 1 component from each of the categories: Context, Experience, Reflection, Action, Evaluation. A minimum of 4 semesters is required to earn a certificate.

1.  Curriculum
Students will complete a minimum of 4 courses with a global dimension. Course options include: World Religions, AP Environmental Science, Contemporary Voices, Environmental Science, Contemporary World Problems, Marine Biology, Economics, 4th year of a World Language, 1st year of a 3rd World Language. Humanities and Marine Chemistry may be allowed with special approval.
2.  Language Study
Students will complete a minimum of 3 years of World Language. Students may successfully complete an SAT subject test, AP test, or earn a Global Seals of Biliteracy in place of requirement with special approval.
3.  Global Events 
Students will participate in 2 different events each year that have an Ignatian global citizenship focus. Event options include Model UN Speaker Series, Ignatian Teach-In, Justice Summit, World Affairs Council Tacoma Speaker Series, Multicultural Week, or another approved event.

4.  Intercultural Experience
Students will take part in a sustained experience where they form a relationship with an organization, group, or a set of people that allows them to interact with a culturally diverse group while sharing a common vision. This should help deepen their awareness of their place and responsibilities in our interconnected world. Experience may include: Courts for Kids Trip, History Trip, Language Immersion Trips, Mission trip, hosting an international student, or another approved experience.
5.  Co-Curricular Involvement 
Students will have an ongoing, active involvement with a group that focuses on either the pursuit of a sustainable earth, a more humane world, or an increasing interconnectedness and understanding of perspectives or cultures other than their own. This may take place in formal or informal leadership roles. Involvement may include: Sustainability Rep, L’Arche Club, Model UN, Japanese Club, Chinese Club, Korean Culture Club, Diversity Club, or another approved co-curricular.

6.  Ongoing and Culminating Reflection
Students will continuously complete self-reflections to evaluate their work in becoming global citizens and to understand how this deepens their relationship with God. At the end of the program, they should complete a final reflection to review their time in the program and how it will inform their future interactions with others, God, and the world.

7.  Service 
Students will participate in an ongoing local relationship-building experience that correlates to the global citizenship goals as articulated in the “Ignatian Definition”. Service may include: Keep Em Warm & Fed, Bellarmine Greenhouse, L’Arche, Tacoma Rescue Mission, St Leo’s Food Connection, Nativity House, NOLA, Courts for Kids, or other approved service activity.
8.  Project
Students will complete a project with a global focus, which should be shared with other community members. Project examples include: research project with a presentation, art display, action campaign within the school or local community, or other approved project.

9.  Project Evaluation
Students will engage in a school-facilitated evaluation process that includes both their and their advisor’s experience to access successes and develop opportunities moving forward.
Launching in January 2023, the Ignatian Global Scholars Program is open to 10th and 11th grade applicants. For more information click here.* Or contact Kristin Torgerson at torgersonk@bellarmineprep.org

*You must have a myBellarmine account.