Counseling Department

Bellarmine offers students a comprehensive counseling program to address personal, academic and college areas, as well as other post-secondary choices.

Counselors also provide Parent Information Nights throughout the year. Parent Nights are specific to each grade level, sophomore through senior.

Students are encouraged to see their counselor whenever they need assistance. Students come to the Counseling Center for a variety of reasons and counselors are trained to provide assistance in many areas. These include, but are not limited to:
  • Concerns regarding academic performance
  • Support for personal issues such as low self-esteem, relationship concerns, family issues, anxiety/depression, and sexual identity questions.
  • Answers to questions about standardized testing
  • Help with the college search and application process(also see, an interactive college planning resource)
  • Referrals for outside therapists or assessments
Except in emergencies, students should arrange appointments at least one day in advance. Students must have their teacher's permission to miss class for a counseling appointment and are responsible for the material they miss.


Bellarmine has a full-time counseling staff to meet the academic and personal needs of the student body. Students are assigned to a counselor by Ignatian Formation Period and that counselor will work with them through graduation. The counseling offices are located upstairs in the Connelly Campus Center.

List of 5 members.

  • Photo of Cameron Irving

    Cameron Irving 

    Ext. 548
  • Photo of Tawanna Wilson

    Tawanna Wilson 

    Ext. 849
  • Photo of Christopher Scotti

    Chris Scotti 

    Ext. 799
  • Photo of Katie Keene

    Katie Keene 

    Ext. 828
  • Photo of Jeannie Hamilton

    Jeannie Hamilton 

    Ext. 831

Freshman Year Through Graduation:

Students will be assigned to their counselor based on their homeroom. This counselor will work with them all four years advising them regarding their schedules, monitoring academic progress, helping with college applications, and providing assistance with personal concerns.

The Counseling Office uses Schoolinks, an interactive college planning resource, to help students prepare for college and careers.

Click here for more information on Schoolinks.

For parents and students interested in help with the college search and application process, see the Schoolinks website -- an interactive college planning resource.


Schoolinks is a modern platform built for modern students:
  • Technology has transformed the way students learn and succeed. SchooLinks is at the forefront of innovation - bringing the latest technology and user experience to power a true student-centric college and career planning experience.