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Mass at Bellarmine

Liturgy: Where Faith Comes Alive

At Bellarmine, we believe that the Mass is not just an obligation but a powerful invitation to encounter God, deepen our faith, and strengthen our community. Here, we celebrate the rich traditions of the Catholic Church with a vibrant and dynamic spirit that resonates with our community. 

Why is the Mass so important? It's more than just a weekly gathering; it's an extraordinary encounter with the divine. In the sacred space of the Mass, we come together as a family, sharing in the body and blood of Christ, and are transformed. Through the power of prayer, song, scripture, and the sacraments, we are uplifted, inspired, and reminded of our purpose as disciples of Christ. Whether you're an experienced Mass-goer or new to the faith, our engaging liturgical celebrations offer something for everyone.

As a part of our vibrant Liturgical calendar, we proudly offer ecumenical, student-led prayer services that bring together different Christian traditions and foster a sense of solidarity among our students. These ecumenical prayer services go beyond denominational boundaries, inviting students of all faith backgrounds to join us in prayer, reflection, and worship. It is through these gatherings that we discover the common threads that bind us together as brothers and sisters in Christ. Our student-led prayer services offer a unique opportunity for our young leaders to take the reins and create a sacred space where students can express their spirituality, share their personal experiences, and lift their voices in unity. Led by their peers, these services are infused with the energy, passion, and authenticity.

As we gather in unity, we also recognize the importance of interfaith dialogue and understanding. Our ecumenical prayer services serve as a platform for students to engage in respectful conversations, share their beliefs, and learn from one another. It is through these encounters that we foster a spirit of inclusivity, respect, and love, reflecting the core values of our Catholic faith.

Here's what you can expect from our liturgies and prayer services:
  1. Student-Focused Masses: We believe in bringing the joy and energy of the high school crowd into our liturgical celebrations. Our Masses and Prayer Services infuse the spirit of our students into the Mass, combining vibrant music, relatable homilies, and active participation to make each gathering an encounter with the extraordinary.
  2. Student Involvement: We empower our students to actively engage in the Mass. From serving as altar servers, lectors, musicians, and extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion, there are various ways for our students to contribute their unique talents and grow in leadership.

Weekly Liturgy -  All are invited to participate in the celebration of our faith, held weekly in the chapel during Formation period.  

All School Mass - Ignite the spirit of our entire school community with our monthly All School Mass, a powerful gathering where every member is invited to come together, worship, and experience the transformative power of faith.

Holy Days of Obligation - Mass will be offered on Holy Days of Obligation, either before school, during Formation class, or with an All School celebration. See the liturgical calendar for details.

Sacrament of Reconciliation - Opportunities for individual confession are available throughout  the year with our Jesuit community. School wide penance services are offered during Advent (winter) and Lent (spring) through our theology classes. These services are led by our theology teachers and members of the Jesuit community.

Prepare to be amazed by the transformative power of the Prayer in community. Together, as a community rooted in the Ignatian tradition and guided by the teachings of St. Ignatius of Loyola, we embark on a journey that will shape our lives and prepare us to be men and women for others. Join us on and discover the joy, the wonder, and the spiritual depth waiting to be experienced at Bellarmine Prep. Get ready to engage, grow, and embrace the fullness of your faith!
Interested in ministry leadership? For Eucharistic Ministry, contact Martha Parent, for Lectors, contact Aires Patulot, and for music, contact Sam Booth

Visit the myBellarmine portal for details on how to sign up.
The Daily Examen takes place each day. These prayerful examinations of our day are offered by members of our lector community at the beginning of the last period over the school PA system.