Marine Chemistry is a four-year extracurricular scientific research program for highly capable and motivated students.

The Marine Chemistry Program is dedicated to the protection and preservation of the environment. Through scientific research students see solutions to scientific problems to make the world a better place for all its inhabitants. 

Admission Process
The Marine Chemistry Program is a four-year scientific research program for highly capable students. The admission process begins in March of the student's 8th grade year. Invitations to apply to the program are sent directly to students scoring in the top 15% on the placement exam. Applications are sent out during the first two weeks in March. Interested students are then selected from the applicant pool to attend the week-long lab practical, which serves as "try-out" week. Invitation to apply to the program does not guarantee an invitation to participate in the lab practical. Following the lab practical, participating students are asked to write a research paper based on the data collected during the week. From the twenty-seven students participating in the lab practical, approximately 18 students are accepted to the program. This decision is based on the student application and performance during the lab practical week. Students are notified of admission to the program by the first week of August. For those students selected for the program, monthly classes begin in September of the student's freshman year. 
Program Objectives  
  • Provide students the opportunity to do exciting, original scientific research outside the normal classroom setting.       
    Develop skills necessary to do authentic original research culminating in the writing of a research paper to be published in local and national writing contests.
  • Provide opportunities for students to distinguish themselves for acceptance into more competitive universities and winning of financial scholarships.  
  • Provide outdoor enrichment activities that promote social interaction with peers and develop appreciation for the environment
Please contact, Dave DeGroot, Director of Marine Chemistry, with any further questions.