There is need and value in the students, on the verge of graduation from high school, to summarize, evaluate, and integrate their education into one culminating experience - The Capstone. 

Program Overview
The Capstone project entails an independent in-depth examination of an area of passion or interest. In this three year  program, students learn college ready skills in research and present their findings to the Bellarmine community their senior year. 

Program Outline

Sophomore Year: Cursory research
  • Apply in March
  • Develop core question or focus to be analyzed by May
  • Conduct a literature review and create an annotated bibliography by the end of the summer
Junior Year:  Collecting and analyzing data
  • Collect data through surveys, interviews, and field experiences
  • Analyze data
  • Create a comprehensive overview of key takeaways
Senior Year: Present findings and solutions
  • Presents research at Capstone Symposium or other appropriate venue. 
Goals for Characterizing the Capstone Experience
  • Provides the student nearing graduation the opportunity to explore an area of interest or passion beyond the core curriculum.
  • Promotes meaningful connections between the student’s high school education and future education and/or career experience.
  • Explicitly and intentionally develops important skills, competencies, and perspectives.
  • Provides the opportunity to distinguish oneself to compete for financial scholarships, as well as, admission to more competitive universities and honors programs.
Candidate Selection Criteria
  • Students must have a 3.0 cumulative GPA by the second semester of sophomore year.
  • Applicants are evaluated according to the level of thought, detail, and passion evidenced in the application, and the feasibility of the project. 
Applications are due by the end of the day, March 29th