Our Mission

Bellarmine, as a Catholic college preparatory school in the Jesuit tradition, through dedication to academic excellence and development of the whole person, graduates young men and women of competence, compassion and conscience, who are committed to leadership and service.

Our Vision

Bellarmine is the premier educational choice for the South Sound region for families seeking a college preparatory experience centered on Jesus Christ, grounded in His message of mercy, love and service. It is a relationship-driven and student-centered environment, dedicated first and foremost to the service of God and the families and students of our community.

Our Institutional Values

  • Respect – all that we do is guided by loving respect for the dignity of individuals, both those who make up our community and those beyond our campus, whom we are called to serve;
  • Stewardship – we practice good and responsible stewardship of all that is entrusted to our care, especially our mission, people, resources, and relationships;
  • Excellence – we strive for the pursuit of excellence in all things, and foster the same in our students;
  • Magis – we seek always through discernment to choose that which leads us to deeper, more meaningful, more substantive service to God;
  • Service – all of our work is grounded in service – to God, to the Church, to our students and families, to one another, and to our community;
  • Openness to growth – we strive to be a community that is flexible, adaptable, discerning and learning, modeling the life-long openness to growth we seek to instill in our students.