I see Bellarmine as a community, a family, my sons have been cared for by other families as their own. You become a part of family and everyone wants you to succeed."
Jennifer Anderson-Wiggins, Bellarmine Parent
Parents and guardians provide a vital part in the community of Bellarmine Preparatory School. Beyond their role as the primary educators of their children, they are active ambassadors of and contributors in bringing our mission to life.

We have a variety of opportunities to involve parents and guardians in the life of the school beyond the classroom to enrich the overall experience of the family.

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  • Bellarmine Boosters

    The Booster Board is made up of a group of parents, alumni, and friends of Bellarmine with a mission to provide targeted support for ALL the school’s athletic programs. If you have a student that participates in athletics, you should strongly consider becoming a supporter of the Boosters.

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  • Philomathea

    Philomathea is a Bellarmine parent service organization dedicated to supporting the school community's efforts to provide the students with an education in the Jesuit tradition. To this end, Philomathea works with other Bellarmine organizations to support students, parents, activities and school development. The term Philomathea is Greek for "lover of learning."

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