Bellarmine's Cheerleaders have a strong history of talent and dedication to their sport and their school. Over the years the team has won numerous awards at cheer competitions, including several top 10 finishes in the WIAA State Cheerleading Championship for both traditional and game day competitions. The cheerleading program continues to have strong goals towards the success of the team in the upcoming season. Stay in the know with all things Bellarmine cheer by following us on Instagram @bellarmineprepcheer.

State Championship Placements

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  • 2022

    4th place - Game Day Medium
    8th place - Traditional Small
  • 2020

    3rd place - Game Day Small
  • 2019

    4th place - Game Day Large
    8th place - Traditional Small
  • 2018

    6th place - Traditional Small
  • 2017

    4th place - Traditional Medium
  • 2016

    3rd place - Traditional Medium
  • 2015

    5th place - Traditional Large

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