Creating Leaders Today, for Tomorrow
Bellarmine is committed to providing leadership opportunities to all students, regardless of the skills they may have as a leader. It is the school’s philosophy that everyone can be a leader. The leadership program is grounded in the Ignatian principles of the school, with the goal of creating servant leaders, who think of others before self.
Bellarmine Student Leadership Mission Statement:  The Bellarmine Student Leadership program exists to provide Bellarmine students with opportunities to practice developing their own unique leadership style by combining their own personal characteristics with learned skills to transform the world around them.

Bellarmine Student Leadership Vision Statement:  Our vision is that every student will graduate from Bellarmine with a strong, foundational understanding of how to actively use her or his influence to improve the world.
At Bellarmine, we believe that every student is a leader. We are committed to developing our students into leaders who are passionate about transforming our world and serving others in our community. There are numerous ways for students to serve on campus and beyond through clubs, retreats, athletics, student government, student activities or mentorship.
Faculty members Jim Dempsey and Mary Campbell oversee Bellarmine’s leadership program, and are excited about the direction the school is going in regards to integrating leadership into all areas of the school. Bellarmine will continue to be committed to the formation of young men and women who are dedicated to leadership and service.

“At Bellarmine, there are opportunities for anyone who wants to lead. We are all leaders in different ways, and Bellarmine’s goal is to allow students to find, develop and act upon the ways they can best lead.”
Jim Dempsey, Leadership Director

“We believe that leadership is a skill, and we are committed to teaching and practicing this skill, because that is the only way it can be fully developed.”
Mary Rink B’88, PE/Health Faculty