June 18 - August 22
Online session Tuesdays: 10:00 - 11:10
Optional office hours:  Thursdays 10:00 - 11:10
Space is limited to 20 students
Cost: $650

Camp Overview

Empowering all Rising 8th Grade Students to be Mathematicians
Join us this summer, wherever you are, to build your student the bridge to a brighter future in math. Our 10-week course offers flexibility, consistency, deep instruction, and personalized support. Partner with us to empower your student to start their 8th grade math course with skill and confidence.

Contact: Lauren Doscher 253-752-7701 ext. 749    

Program Highlights

Flexibility - Consistency
  • Bridge the gap anywhere, on vacation or at home, with our hybrid model.
  • Access one online course per week via Zoom for 70 minutes of deep instruction, with the option to also come to campus once per week for 1:1 instruction
  • Count on consistent engagement and progress in this 10 week course; consistency is key to skill and confidence development.
Deep Instruction - Personalized Support
  • Dive deep into key concepts with our instructor, one of Bellarmine’s experts in math and science intervention
  • Online sessions equip students with the tools and strategies to close gaps in math
  • Office hours offer one-on-one skill reinforcement and instruction tailored to your student’s individual learning style

8th Grade Math Bridge Staff

  • Lauren Doscher, ACE Faculty
  • Jazz Etter, Bellarmine Faculty
For questions regarding Bellarmine's Summer Programs please contact: