VMUN 2024

This past weekend Bellarmine Model UN traveled up to Vancouver, BC for VMUN 2024!
Vancouver MUN is the largest high-school run conference in the world, with over 1500 delegates from all over the Canada and the US. After 20 hours of debate over the course of 3 days, it is safe to say VMUN was an astounding success! Within the 40 person Bellarmine Delegation, Bellarmine MUN earned 9 awards!

Brynn Manke B’24: Best Delegate, US Senate
Maya Krattli B’24: Best Delegate, US Senate
Dylan Bianchi B’24: Best Researched, Cabinet
Brady Pugh B’25: Outstanding Delegate, JCC
Jojo Kunz B’25: Honorable Mention, SOCHUM
Margeaux Liloc B’25: Honorable Mention, US Senate
Ainsley Joyce B’26: Best Researched, UNEP
Carter Milliren B’26: Outstanding Delegate, JCC
Enzo Beltran B’26: Outstanding Delegate, US Senate