Barro Named Finalist for Gonzaga's Unity Scholarship

We are so excited to congratulate and announce that Ramoncito “Bong Bong” Barro IV B’24 has achieved a wonderful feat on being named a Finalist in the inaugural cohort of Unity Scholars for Gonzaga University’s Unity Scholarship Program.
Bong Bong’s dedication and hard work have led him to the final stages of this scholarship program. He was chosen out of hundreds of Washington seniors as a semi-finalist last month and had to do an interview to advance. Gonzaga’s Unity Scholarship covers full tuition, housing, and meal plan charges for four years and about 20 scholars make it as finalists. Some benefits include enrollment in the BRIDGE Pre-Orientation Social Justice & Leadership Institute, peer, staff, and faculty mentorship, opportunities for funding to study abroad, and much more. 

High school seniors entered this program by sending in an application and writing an essay. Unity Scholars, like Bong Bong, possess a genuine commitment to social justice activism. They have proved resilience in the face of barriers or obstacles to pursuing an education, demonstrated involvement in cultural awareness groups and clubs/activities, and have exhibited leadership within their school, community, and family. 

Bong Bong’s achievements reflect not only his academic prowess but also his dedication to fostering positive change and creating an impact in the world. We are immensely proud of his accomplishments and the values he embodies and are eager to see him continue making a difference!