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Message from the Principal 8.22.22

Bellarmine's August 22, 2022 message from the Principal.
Dear Parents and Guardians,
We are close to our big day - First Day of School!  We are excited to begin our year, a year filled with hope.  Today’s letter has information we hope you find helpful.  We have included an email address for each area should you need additional information.  Also included is the link to the “first day of school” schedule as it was not easily accessible in the previous letter.  
  • Content/Updates
    • COVID 
    • Food Service 
      • Bellarmine families received information regarding mealtime, how to access an account etc. from Mary Graves earlier this summer.
      • If you have questions please contact Mary Graves at
    • Lockers 
      •  Lockers are assigned to students upon request. In order to request a locker please email with your name, grade and student ID #. An email  with directions for next steps will be sent to you once the email request is received.   Please allow 24 hours to process.
      • Please contact Keri Stewart at if you have questions.
    • Morning Transportation 
      • Bellarmine is pleased to offer MORNING ONLY bus transportation to our families from the Dupont, Puyallup, Federal Way and Olympia areas. A full year commitment is expected, and seats are secured on a first-come, first-served basis. Morning buses run each school day, including late starts, half-days and testing days. Morning pick-up is the same time each day regardless of late starts. Morning Transportation Registrations can be found on Blackbaud. 
      • Morning transportation begins on Wednesday, August 31, 2022
      • Please contact Kristine Zelazny at if you have questions.
    • Academic Readiness 
      • Please visit our website - student experience - academics - academic center of excellence.  We have resources for our students and parents to review and utilize to ensure a strong start at Bellarmine.
      • If you have questions please contact Kelly Goodsell at
    • Schedules 
      • Schedules are available on Blackbaud, through both parent and student accounts.  Bellarmine attempts to honor all student primary selections, but in the event of schedule conflicts, alternates are used.  In some cases, when students request several classes that are offered only once or twice (ex. AP/Honor classes, 3rd and 4th year languages, and Music classes), students may need to make difficult choices.  Counselors are available to help with this discernment. 
      • Requests for schedule changes are strongly discouraged and requests for different electives are typically denied.  However, below is the process to request a schedule repair:
        • Incomplete Schedule: In the event the schedule is incomplete and missing a course, students should complete the schedule repair form and meet with their counselor when school resumes.  Their counselor will review the request and make the appropriate changes.
        • Duplicate Class: (Double Enrollment): If a schedule indicates duplicate classes (ex. two Chemistry classes), the student should complete the schedule repair form and meet with their counselor when school resumes.  Their counselor will review the request, identify available replacements, and make the appropriate changes. 
        • Incorrect Level Placement: In the event students are incorrectly placed, they may request a schedule repair for a level change within the first two weeks of a semester. Students should complete the schedule repair form and meet with their counselor.  Students who feel they should move up will require teacher approval.  
      • Any necessary changes or repairs are based on class availability and must be completed within the first two weeks of the semester.  After the second week, students may only drop a course for a Study Hall (or Early Dismissal or Late Arrival).  All schedules are finalized by the end of the third week.
      • By policy, Bellarmine does not honor requests for specific teachers.
  • Important Dates
    • August 22 - Transfer Parent Night 
    • August 22 - First Day of Fall Sports 
    • August 25 - Picture Day & ID Card 
    • August 25 - Parking Permits 
      • Parking Permits will be available for pick -up, in the Campus Center, on Thursday, August 25th (between the hours of 9:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.) Parking Permits will only be given to those students who have completed both the application for a permit (through Blackbaud) and registered their vehicles (through Omnigo).
      • If you have not completed an application/form for a parking permit, the application/form will be available in Blackbaud on August 31st. There is a limited number of spots and students MUST have a valid driver’s license (not a driver’s permit) to apply for a parking permit. 
      • If you have any questions please contact Cari Harrison, Dean of Students at 
    • August 25 - Family BBQ
      • Due to construction we are limited on seating space in our courtyard.  Please consider bringing a lawn chair or blanket.  We will also have seating available in the Campus Center.
      • If you have any questions please contact Jessica Achziger at
      • 8:30 am - Student Drop-off at Names Gym (vestibule)
      • 2:30 pm  - Names Gym/ Student Parking lot
    • August 31 - First Day of School
    • September 1 and 2 - Daily Schedule
      • September 1 - A Day
      • September 2 - B Day
  • Student Handbook:
Please continue to provide feedback and share your questions with us.  We are committed to responding to your inquiries within 48 hours.   Together we support your child(ren) so they can achieve their goals.  We are excited to begin this year with all of you. 
Take Care and God Bless,

Cindy Davis