Care for Mother Earth

On a crisp, windy October 27th fall day, a group of a hundred plus Bellarmine Preparatory School students and teachers gathered to pray for the opening of the Kateri Garden using Psalm 8, a poetry reading from Georgia O’Keefe, and a horn instrumental of “Autumn Leaves,” all led by Bellarmine students.
After the prayer service in the St. Aloysius Chapel, students were invited to walk reflectively around the edge of the campus to the Kateri Garden, recently designed as a center piece for Sustainability, and ponder, “What has Mother Earth given us and how do we continue to care for the rich variety of life she gives us.”

Once at the garden site, students who helped with the planting of trees and native plants and spreading rock and mulch (many wheelbarrows of white rock and plant vegetation) were introduced along with Amy Savage, Academic Center of Excellence Tutor, who helped with the design and organizing the volunteer work crews.

As the participants huddled together for warmth, Fr. Pete Henriot, S.J. and Fr. Gene Delmore, S.J. shared blessing prayers and Amy concluded with a poem from E.E. Cummings:

“I thank you God for most this amazing day;
For the leaping greenly spirits of trees….
And a blue true dream of sky
And for everything which is natural
Which is infinite
Which is Yes….”