Dr. James Knight Presenting at Bellarmine During Catholic Schools Week

Bellarmine is pleased to welcome Dr. James Knight to campus during Catholic Schools Week to speak to both our students and community about the importance of building safe environments where everyone can thrive.
Dr. Knight will be on campus on February 2, 2023, during which he will speak to our school community during Formation Period.  There will also be an evening presentation in our Campus Center from 6:30-7:30 p.m. for our greater Bellarmine community who wish to hear Dr. Knight’s message.

Dr. Knight is an educator in a Catholic School in Cleveland, Ohio.  He is the author of Heart: A Journey Toward Cultural Humility.

The Seattle Archdiocese Office of Catholic Schools introduced Dr. Knight to presidents and principals earlier this fall.  The Archdiocese, in partnership with local Catholic schools, have invited him to the Seattle-Tacoma area.  Bellarmine is honored to host one of his presentations.  We are excited to have parishes and schools join us for this important presentation on the evening of the 23rd.

Dr. Knight’s message is rooted in his Catholic faith, with a goal of creating culturally safe and inclusive spaces.  Dr. Knight sees himself as a servant leader and his personal mission is “education + empowerment = elevation. 

If you would like to attend Dr. Knight’s presentation on Thursday, February 2 on Bellarmine’s campus, please click here to RSVP.
Dr. Knight’s Bio:
James Knight is an educator, coach/mentor, consultant, author, itinerant speaker/teacher, and equity and inclusion strategist. He resides in Ohio outside of Cleveland. Much of his work revolves around leading with humility and partnering with other leaders to build dynamic and inclusive communities/spaces where people collaborate, innovate, and engage in fearless dialogue.

As an equity and inclusion strategist, James works with leaders, schools, organizations, and individuals in the corporate, nonprofit, governmental and academic sector to develop frameworks rooted in humility. The primary goal of this work is to assist others in building safe environments where everyone can thrive and bring their best selves. As an author, James has written numerous books and his latest release is entitled Heart: A Journey Toward Cultural Humility. This book is a manual and guide for any leader, student, or person looking to develop greater awareness and increase their emotional and cultural intelligence.

As Vice President for Equity and Inclusion at St. Edward High School, James leads the development of vision and strategies that champions the importance of a diverse and inclusive community. Part of his work involves engaging faculty, staff, students, parents and alumni in order to make the school a culturally safe environment. In his role, James assesses the potential barriers to inclusion and diversity; develops strategies focused on recruiting and retaining a diverse community.

In addition to his work at St. Edward, James has served as a teacher, coach, pastor and is the founder and leader of I.D.E.A.S., a coalition of DEI practitioners and directors throughout Ohio. James’ passion is people and he sees himself as a servant-leader. His personal mission by which he does everything is “education + empowerment = elevation.” James’ number one goal in everything he does is to elevate those he serves through education and inspiration. He holds a Bachelor of the Arts Degree from Oberlin College and a Masters of Education and Doctorate of Education Leadership from Ashland University. He also holds a Graduate Certificate in Diversity, Social Justice, and Inclusion from the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs.