Model UN Excels at VMUN

Last weekend, Bellarmine MUN visited Vancouver BC and sent 45 delegates to VMUN 23.
Each delegate showed extreme grit and determination as they competed in this conference with 1,300 delegates! Additionally, with a total of 20 committees Bellarmine received a fourth of the best delegates awards given out. In total, Bellarmine walked away with 10 awards!

Ainsley Joyce (B’26): Best Delegate, EU
Enzo Beltran (B’26): Honorable Mention, WHO
J Silverthorn (B’25) Honorable Mentions, JCC-USA
Brady Pugh (B’25): Honorable Mention, UNODC
Nolan Bjorkman (B’24): Honorable Mention, DISEC
Dylan Bianchi (B’24): Best Delegate, FCC
Maya Krattli (B’24): Best Delegate, NATO
Sam Robinson (B’24): Best Delegate, World Bank
Mary Anna Joyce (B’23): Best Delegate, UNSC
Amy Mbugua (B’23): Honorable Mention, UNESCO