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2023 Saint Robert Bellarmine Award Recipient: Deacon Jim Fish

Bellarmine is pleased to announce the selection of Deacon Jim Fish as the recipient of the 2023 Saint
Robert Bellarmine Award.
Jim worked at Bellarmine as Campus Minister and religion teacher from 1983-2018. Jim left a lasting
legacy at Bellarmine which will be felt for years to come, especially in regards to Campus Ministry and
student formation.

“Campus Ministry forms the heart and soul of what we do at Bellarmine. With that in mind, nobody has
had a more profound impact on shaping our collective spirit over the last 40 years than Jim Fish. We
stand on a foundation built by Jim’s love of Christ and fidelity to our mission. I look forward to
recognizing him with the school’s highest honor, the Saint Robert Bellarmine Award, at the Bellarmine
Gala on April 1,” Bellarmine Board Chair Zeb Madison B’97 said.

Jim was responsible for instituting All-School Masses, the creation of many of the student retreats we
hold now which includes the Junior Encounter, Senior Magis, and the senior silent retreats – Manresa
and Monserrat. Under his leadership the school also formed the Eucharistic Minister and Lector

“The impact that Jim has had on Bellarmine over the last 40 years is indescribable but is felt deeply in
this community. His passionate vision of helping others become better companions of Jesus’ as shown
by St. Ignatius has shaped a generation or more of Bellarmine students and faculty,” Bellarmine Principal
and Interim President Cindy Davis said.

The Saint Robert Bellarmine Award is the school’s highest honor. It is awarded annually to a person of
distinction who has served the Church and the broader community in an outstanding way reflective of
the philosophy and goals of Bellarmine.