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2024 Academic Awards Assembly Recipients

Bellarmine held it's annual Academic Awards Assembly on May 21. During the assembly, many Bellarmine students received awards and honors for their academic and co-curricular achievements.
2024 Academic Awards Assembly

Departmental Awards

Art Department
Freshmen - Annalise Landy and Kenna Hansen
Sophomores- Piper Lindstrom and Liv Toohey
Juniors - Chase Hirata and Patek Stewart
Seniors - Lucia Ayer and Cole Rice

Mathematics Department 
Algebra E – Christoph Ivanov and Evie Merril
Geometry – Cole Jabara and Natalie Swanes
Advanced Algebra/Trig – Sam Gobal and Isaac Smith
Pre Calculus – Aine (anya) Sullivan and Andrew Deng
AP Calc AB – Cassie Brinlee and Christopher Bidus
AP Calc BC – Amaris Alstead
AP Statistics – Cole Tamurian
Computer Science - Will Embrick
English Department 
English 1: Samantha Gobal and Maya Johnson
English 2: Agatha Pape 
English 2 Honors: Piper Lindstrom and Patrick Bliss
American Literature Honors: Ruffaro Ghuza and Emerson Smith
AP Language: Jacqueline Sabotka and Maya Krattli
AP Literature: Rachel Harbeson

Counseling Department Award 
Bridget Woodruff

The World Language 
Spanish 1: Grace Morgan
Spanish 2: Isaac Opoku
Spanish 3: Sam Heisel
Spanish 4: Lexi Crist
French 1: Addison Scheuffele
French 2: Jonathan Solano
French 3: Elise Nicholson
French 4: Britney Ha
Mandarin 1: Dalles Sullivan
Mandarin 2: Annali Sepe 
Mandarin 3: Christian Randquist
Mandarin 4: Christopher Bidus and David Anel
AP Spanish: Ainsley Brogan
National French Contest
Addy Carver, honorable mention
Charlotte Eggum, honorable mention
Gisele Barsoski, silver medal laureate
The Global Seal of Biliteracy Credential 
Addison Day-Esson
Maya Krattli
Emmett Landy
Griffin Larson

Music Department
The Outstanding Senior Instrumentalist Award
Kathleen Bulis
Daniel Abraham

The Outstanding Vocalist Award
Ancilla Pele
Casey O’Flaherty

The Outstanding Jazz Musician Award
Christian Nosacka

The Science Department
Biology - Kaleb Mbugua
Biology H - Samantha Gobol
Physics - Annali Sepe
AP Physics 1 - Kayla Johnson
AP Physics C - Anthony Gunns
Chemistry - Lexi Crist
Chemistry H - Calvin Riggio
AP Chemistry - Elise Nicholson

Health and Physical Education Award
9th Grade:  Lex Achziger
10th Grade:  Elijah Munoz

Physical Education Award
Ryan Schneider

Social Studies Department
Sophomores: Maggie Kranick and Agatha Pape
Juniors: Ogechi Nkem and Sam Heisel

The St. Robert Bellarmine History Book Award
Julia Cholerton
Griffin Larson
Reagan Guajardo

The Theology Department Award 
Jack Pearson
Ian Stoddard

National Merit Commended Scholars
Amaris Alstead
Philip Ehret
Matei Ene-Stroescu
Clarisse Fowlkes
Brynn Manke
Talia Patel
Sam Robinson
Julia Shimshock

National Merit Finalists
Maya Krattli

The Washington Principals’ Scholars Program 
Amaris Alstead
Christopher Bidus
Abigail Bock
Charlotte Christie
Philip Ehret
Hannah Ganje
Komal Gill
Beatrice Hunt
Charlene Kim-Aun
Maya Krattli
Griffin Larson
Jacqueline Sabotka

ROTC Scholarships

Nolan Bjorkman - Nolan will attend Montana State University on an Army ROTC scholarship.
Cedrick Murphy - Cedrick will attend Montana State University for Army ROTC.

In offering appointments to the service academies, the admissions offices at these schools seek “leaders of character to serve the common defense.” The “whole person” concept – academic success, leadership, involvement in activities, and character – is sought by the US service academies. Scholarships amount to nearly $500,000 in academic and career training, and are awarded to less than 15% of all applicants. 

Grant Frank - Grant has been awarded an appointment to the United States Air Force Academy.

Junior Book Awards 

The Saint Michael’s College Book Award
Lexie Crist
Caroline Potyondy

The LeMoyne (Leh-Moin) College “Reaching for the Heights” Book Award
Cassie Brinlee

The College of William and Mary 
Christopher Silverthorn

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Rensselaer Medal 
Jameson Cosgrove


The STAMPS scholarship program is a prestigious merit scholarship program where recipients receive the full cost of attendance, access to research, travel, or project stipend, and mentorship and support from the University Fellowship office. Approximately 250 students worldwide win this scholarship each year.  This year, Maya Krattli is the recipient of this award for Northeastern University.  

The Gonzaga University Unity Scholars Program provides full tuition, room and board to students who have a genuine commitment to, or a demonstrated record of, social justice activism, have demonstrated involvement in cultural awareness groups, clubs, or activities, and have engaged in leadership within their school, community, and/or family. Congratulations to Ramoncito Peter Angelo Barro IV.

Tacoma Rotary 8 scholarship
Ava Beatty
Rachel Harbeson
Sam Robinson

The Tacoma Elks Lodge #174
Ava Beatty
Gabriella Gade
Estella Gomez
Ava Hayes
Rydar Jennings
Henry McDougall
Jayla Mosley
Cedrick Murphy
Cole Tamurian
Tina Tran

Ben B. Cheney scholarship
Madeline Munguia.

Bernice A.B. Keyes Scholarship
Mia Manke
Aaliyah Ridderhoff
Kiara Stone

Philomathea Graduating Senior $500 scholarship recipients 
Lucia Ayer (loosia)
Muhammad Khan-Sheirwani
Philomathea Rising Senior $1000 scholarship recipients
Xavier Espindola
Maia Sutherland

Philomathea Rising Junior $500 scholarship recipients 
Isaiah Bidot
Clare Walsh

Philomathea Rising Sophomore $500 scholarship recipients
Layla Clark Krstich
Amy Soto Mendoza

Grad at Grad Scholarships
Alice Malebranche
Edenna Hiletework

Brooks Rolfness Impact Scholarships
Georgia Morrow
Kaitlynn Krause

The Jennifer Welsh O’Loughlin Award
Patek Stewart

Co-Curricular Awards 

The Diversity Office Award
Ava Mitchell and McKenna Mitchell

Annual Drama Award 
Lucia Ayer
Jackson Swanes

The Yearbook Award 
Katie Palmreuter
Casey O’Flaherty
Maddie Taitano
The Lion journalism Staff Award 
Maya Deaton
Talia Patel
Betty Roberts
Ian Stoddard
Sage Vasko

The Academic Center of Excellence (ACE) Learning and Leadership Award 
Isabella Paillet-Toohey

St. Ignatius Loyola Award Winners for Student Ministry
Ancilla Pele
Jackson Hallet

Marine Chemistry Student Research Program 
Amaris Alstead
Christopher Bidus
Maya Deaton
Clarisse Fowlkes
Jacob Hundven
Zak Khan
Charlene Kim-Aun
Maya Krattli
Brandon Lo
Brynn Manke
Talia Patel
Betty Roberts
Ben Schomogyi
Julia Shimshock
Katie Vaughan
Cole Wicklander

Additionally, the following seniors earned recognition or awards for their research projects in the following science fairs. 

Washington Junior Science and Humanities Symposium
Ben Schomogyi and Cole Wicklander - 3rd place
Ben traveled to Albuquerque, New Mexico to present their project at the National Junior Science and Humanities Symposium earlier this month. 

At the Discovery Regional Science Fair the following students earned a First place in category and/or specialty award.
Brandon Lo
Katie Vaughan
Zac Khan
Brynn Manke
Charlene Kim-Aun
Clarisse Fowlkes
Amaris Alstead
Jacob Hundven
Julia Shimshock
Maya Krattli
Christopher Bidus

Finally, Charlene Kim-Aun and Brynn Manke’s research on Phagocyte-axonal spheroid interactions in axon degeneration was presented at the international society of neuroimmunology congress. They expect their work on this project to be published at sometime in the months ahead. 

The Capstone Program 
Ramoncito Barro
Dylan Bianchi
Abigail Bock
Easton Glasman
Anna Iverson
Jessica Kamau
Sierra Maddock
Ava McKeown
Jonah O’Callahan
Samuel Robinson
Audrey Sherman
Tina Tran

The Model UN Leadership Award 
Dylan Bianchi and Brynn Manke

The Ignatian Global Scholars Program
Katie Vaughan
Jonah O’Callaghan
Catherine McDougall
Erin Larson
Kayla Johnson
Sara Duque
Britney Ha
Amaris Alstead
Alexis Douglas
Philip Ehret
Talia Patel
Samuel Robinson
Grant Frank

Class Awards

110% Award 
Chloe Lee
Delya Lewis

The Class Award
Heidi Hallet
Ryan McDaniel

110% Award
Ainsley Joyce
Patrick Bliss

Class Award
Marie Wiegman
Alfonzo Amaranto

110% Award
Caroline Potyondy
John Merriam

Class Award
Cassie Brinlee
Brady Pugh